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2016 Inductees into the CPBI Hall of Fame

On May 18, 2016 during the CPBI FORUM 2016 gala dinner that took place at the Canadian Museum of History, Jordan Fremont, Chair of the CPBI Board of Directors, introduced the 2016 inductees into the CPBI Hall of Fame. Allan Brown retired actuary and Past CPBI Chairperson from British Columbia; and Paul Williams, retired journalist and past CPBI Director from Ontario.  In his speech, Jordan Fremont highlighted their dedication and numerous contributions to CPBI, both at the regional and national levels.


Allan Brown Inducted Into the CPBI Hall of Fame 

Allan Brown’s involvement in CPBI began in the 1980’s initially as a member and subsequently as the Chair of the Pacific Regional Council. During this time, Allan also served as a director of the National Board for two years.

In 1997, Allan was co-opted to be the Vice-Chair of the National Board. During his term as Vice-Chair and then as Chair of the Board, Allan devoted much of his time to initiating an extensive review of the national organization’s governance structure and policies with the objective of clarifying the mandate of the national organization, creating a more cohesive relationship between the national organization and the regional councils and restructuring the National Board to improve its effectiveness.

The testament to the success of Mr. Brown's initiative is that the CPBI governance structure and operating policies have remained largely intact to this day. 


Paul Williams Inducted Into the CPBI Hall of Fame 
Paul Williams - Kevin Press - Jordan Freemont

Paul William's journey with the CPBI began in the fall of 1989 when Williams, the thoroughly confused and newly appointed Editor of Benefits Canada, landed at the doorsteps of the Banff Springs Hotel. The occasion was the western meeting of then Canadian Pension Conference. The topics were a maze of actuarial, regulatory and legal, financial and investment mutterings. And, of course, there was the obligatory session on plan member communications, which could be summed up as, “Nobody Gives a Damn About Pensions.”

Williams survived that meeting and later joined CPBI’S Ontario Regional Council where he took an active role in launching the Benefits Basic educational series which was later replicated across the CPBI Regions.

In 2004, Paul Williams joined the CPBI Board of Director as Director at large, where he headed the governance committee.

In 2014 Mr. Williams was invited to chair the 2014 CPBI FORUM in Boston.



CPBI Hall of Fame 2016 celebration

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