Employee Nominee and Government Nominee (4913)

Job Posting

Employee Nominee and Government Nominee
Organization:  Management Employees Pension Board
Province:  Alberta
Location:  Edmonton

The President of the Treasury Board, Minister of Finance (Minister) is seeking applications from individuals interested in serving in one of the following board member roles on the Management Employees Pension Board (MEP Board, or "the Board"):

Employee Nominee – Only employees who are current members of the Management Employees Pension Plan (MEPP or the Plan) are eligible to apply.
Government Nominee – Applicants must not be a member of MEPP, nor be entitled to receive a future benefit from the Plan, to avoid any conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest. 


For the Employee Nominee role, the applicant must be an employee member in MEPP.

For the Government Nominee role, it is essential the applicant not be a member of the MEPP, nor can they be entitled to a future benefit under the Plan. This is to ensure that the nominee can remain objective and impartial, and to avoid any conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest.

As a board member, ideally, you bring an understanding of pension plan issues, policy interpretation, and knowledge of risk and investment management. You have sound business and financial management skills, proven interpersonal and communication skills, and are recognized for your ability to exercise good judgment. Your commitment to due diligence and good governance, and an ability to work effectively within a board structure will contribute to your success in this role.

You may not be an employee of AIMCo or Alberta Pensions Services Corporation as these organizations are plan service providers, which could present a potential conflict of interest.

Specific experience in several of the following areas is considered necessary:

Governance: prior or current experience as a board member or in a senior leadership position with a Canadian organization (public, private or non-profit sectors).
Investment Expertise: prior or current expertise in institutional investment, investment risk management, capital markets, principles of finance and economics.
Financial Expertise: prior or current board member or senior officer experience in financial accounting, reporting, corporate finance, pension fund planning and actuarial valuations.
Administrative Justice: prior or current education in administrative justice and experience in conducting hearings or administrative appeals.
Enterprise Risk Management Expertise: prior or current board member or senior officer experience in risk management.
Stakeholder Relations: prior or current board member experience developing and maintaining stakeholder relations.
Diversity/Independent Point of View: prior or current board member experience in addressing a number of diverse board related activities and bringing an independent point of view to the board on board deliberations.
Benefits Administration: prior or current board member experience in benefits administration.

Applicants will ideally have an understanding of the financial and legal complexities of defined benefit pension plans (governance and legal framework, financial accounting and reporting, funding and actuarial valuation concepts, and benefits administration).

Although not a requirement, formal director training (such as an ICD.D designation) would be considered an asset, as would a designation in administrative justice.