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Featured Regional Volunteer Award Recipient

Every year, the CPBI honours the commitment of its volunteers by awarding special individuals who assisted the Institute to achieve its mission and have provided exceptional support to their Region.

This month we would like to feature Liz Farler, recipient of the CPBI 2017 Regional Volunteer Award, Manitoba Region.

Liz Farler began her career in pension and benefits in 1980 when she was hired at Turnbull and Turnbull Consulting Actuaries as a Benefits Processor. From Turnbull, she went to work for Manitoba Health Organizations, Teachers' Retirement Allowances Fund and the Winnipeg School Division. In 2016, Liz retired from the Manitoba Government and General Employees Union (MGEU) where she was their pension and benefit specialist.

Liz joined the CPBI Manitoba Council in 2011. She was a member of the membership committee for two years and co-chaired the program committee for 4 years. She went on to co-chair both the pension and benefits fundamentals committees and remains an active member of the benefits fundamentals committee. Liz has been a speaker four times for the fundamentals sessions.

Liz served as Vice-Chair of CPBI Manitoba Council for two years then as a Chair for another two years. Even though she has retired from her job, Liz agreed to continue to serve as Chair for an additional two years to ensure a good transition. The dedication, Liz has to the CPBI has no limits.

Liz Farler

Liz Farler
CPBI Manitoba Region

To get to understand more about the reasons behind her dedication to the CPBI, we asked Liz the following questions:

Q1: What encouraged you to volunteer within the CPBI?

Liz: I started attending CPBI events about 30 years ago for the education and networking and always found it very valuable. When I was approached to join council it just seemed like a no brainier to help with an organization I had always valued.

Q2 : Do you have any great or memorable moments while volunteering with CPBI that you would want to share?

Liz: There have been so many memorable moments working with the incredible people on council, attending joint Board and Chairs meetings. Also having the chance to meet people that worked in the same industry has been a wonderful experience. One of my most recent experiences was leading the walk at this year's National FORUM that took place here in Winnipeg, and having the chance to show off my great city.

Q3: What did volunteering give you personally?

Liz: It had allowed me to grow both in my career and as a person. I have been able to arrange events and be an active member of the pension and benefits community in Winnipeg.


Q4: Would you encourage other members to volunteer?

Liz: Yes I would, and have always encouraged others to volunteer as it is a great way to advance your career based on what you learn and the people you meet.

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