2018-2019 CPBI Board of Directors

Doug Volk

Ryan Johnston

Ryan is with Manulife Financial, based in PEI. Ryan first became a member of the CPBI in 1999 then in 2001 he joined the Regional council. He was elected Chair on the Atlantic Regional Council for 2007-2009. in 2011, Ryan joined the National Board as representative of the Atlantic Region and was elected Vice-Chair in 2015 then Chairperson of the CPBI in 2017. 

Doug Volk 
Director, Saskatchewan Region

Doug Volk is with the Superannuation Commission, he is based in Regina, SK. Doug became a CPBI member in 2004 and soon joined the Saskatchewan Regional Council then was elected Regional Chair for 2012-2014. Doug joined the National Board as Saskatchewan Region representative in 2014. He was nominated vice-chair in 2017. 

David Tutty Pierre Caron

Jordan Fremont
Past Chairperson 

Jordan Fremont is with Hicks Morley’s Toronto office, he practises exclusively in the areas of pensions, benefits and executive compensation. Jordan joined the CPBI in 2000 and later volunteered on the Ontario Regional Council. He was nominated on the National Board as the Ontario region representative in 2012. He was elected as Chair of the Board for 2015-2017.  

David Tutty
Director, Atlantic Region 

David Tutty became a CPBI member in 2005. He then joined the CPBI Atlantic Regional council, was elected regional Chair in 2009-2011 and continues to be active on various regional committees. David was nominated on the National Board as the Atlantic region representative in 2017 

Pierre Caron
Director at Large

Pierre Caron is an actuary with over 41 years of experience in investment consulting for large pension funds in Quebec. He is the main force behind the CPBI pension and investment program in Quebec. Pierre is also a lecturer on finance at the UQAM and author of 2 books on investment and risks. Pierre was nominated Director at large in 2016. 

Tyler Smith Tracy Young-McLean,  Director at Large

Joyce Stephenson
Director, Ontario Region

Joyce A. Stephenson became a CPBI member in 1996. In 2010, she joined the Ontario Regional Council where she was active on various committees and served as Regional Chair 2013-2015. Joyce was nominated on the National Board as the Ontario Region representative in 2015.

Tyler Smith
Director, Manitoba Region

Tyler Smith is with Coughlin & Associates Ltd. Tyler became a CPBI member in 2007 and joined the CPBI Manitoba Regional Council in 2011. He was elected Regional Chair for 2013-2015 and remains active on various committees. Tyler was nominated on the National Board as the Manitoba Region representative in 2015.

Tracy Young-McLean
Director at Large

Tracy is with the People Services at the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation. Tracy first became a CPBI member in 2001. She then joined the Saskatchewan Regional Council and was elected regional Chair for 2009-2011. Tracy was nominated Director at Large in 2016.

Clark Dehler Ken Lieu

Clark Dehler
Director, Alberta Regions, & Treasurer

Clark Dehler is with Manulife, based in Calgary, AB. Clark joined the CPBI in 1999 and soon joined the Southern Alberta Regional Council. He was elected Regional Chair for 2008-2011. Clark joined the CPBI National Board as the Alberta Regions representative in 2015.

Ken Lieu
Director, Pacific Region

Ken Lieu is with Sun Life Financial based in Vancouver, BC. Ken became a CPBI member in 2009. In 2011, he joined the CPBI Pacific regional council where he volunteered on various committees. Ken joined the National Board as the Pacific Region representative in 2017.