Plan Sponsor Group Membership (PSGM)

A Plan Sponsor Group Membership is available only for organizations whose professionals hold a position of a plan sponsor. In this class, membership can be transferred from one member to another (within the group) when they wish to register for an activity. This membership class allows for more employees from a plan sponsor organization to access CPBI activities at a reduced cost. This is a flexible and cost effective solution for plan sponsors.

Choose the level of Plan Sponsor Group Membership that most fits your team size.


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Number of Members

Up to 10 members

Up to 20 members


Spot at member’s price at CPBI activities




Access to National CPBI Webinars

Up to 10 members

Up to 20 members

All members registered

Access to CPBI members’ recognition events

Up to 10 members

Up to 20 members

All members registered

Complimentary FORUM registration

2 (+/- 1,600$ value)

4 (+/- 3,200$ value)

6  (+/- 4,800$ value)

Annual Fees (plus applicable taxes)





  • All members must hold a plan sponsor position within the organization interested in a group membership.
  • Members of Board of Trustees are considered plan sponsors.
  • The “employer” name has to be the same for all members registering under a Plan Sponsor Group Membership.

Read our CPBI Membership FAQ!

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