Luis Ramirez

"I have been involved with CPBI for about 15 years. Our pension and benefit community in Calgary is not insignificant but it is tightknit and every get together is a chance to smile, see old friends and make new acquaintances.  I feel CPBI has been a benefit for all of us, not just on a career and business level, but also on a personal and a social level. "

Luis Ramirez   
Past Chair, CPBI Southern Alberta Council    
Principal, Mercer


"I was looking for a non-profit whose mission was to promote knowledge of retirement and benefit plans. I find the CBPI is an excellent forum to share ideas with plan sponsors as well as foster discussion between industry stakeholders."

Louis-Philippe Corbeil Girard    
Gestion Tim Cummings Inc.

Louis Philippe Girard


"CPBI was profoundly helpful to me when I was starting out in my career in the pension and benefits industry. I felt the need to “pay it forward” to the community, sharing my knowledge and experience, by participating in CPBI speaking engagements and by contributing through my role as past Chair and Council member of the Pacific Region of CPBI.  Now, after more than 26 years in the industry, and most of those years involved in CPBI, I have been lucky enough to establish life-long personal and professional relationships with industry peers, and as a group we continue to strive to bring forward leading edge information and education to our members, engaging high quality speakers." 

Vanessa Roodenburg      
CPBI Pacific Council        
Senior Associate, Mercer Marsh VBenefits


"My involvement with CPBI was initially driven by a desire to establish a broader network of industry professionals and over time morphed into a desire to work with industry colleagues to develop and deliver top notch programming on emerging and topical issues to our CPBI audience. In return, I have grown as an industry professional and allowed my views on many topics to be shaped and enhanced by the many wonderful people I have worked with over the years in CPBI, both Council members and our volunteers.

Kevin Hollis     
CPBI Atlantic Council      
President, Belmont Health & Wealth

Kevin Hollis


Mike Macoun

"I joined CPBI’s Ontario Regional Council with a firm intent of becoming as actively involved as possible in order to have an influence in the quality, organization and delivery of programs and events that CPBI Ontario delivers. I enjoy finding new ways to enhance the value that CPBI brings to members and industry professionals. " 

Mike Macoun        
Vice-Chair, CPBI Ontario Council          
Consultant at Gallagher 


"I was introduced to CPBI shortly after coming to the Pension and Benefits Industry approximately 12 years ago.  Throughout I have found CPBI to be a valuable resource for information and education on industry trends.  For me particularly, it has been an invaluable resource for industry contacts on a Regional/Provincial level, however, that is not to discount the advantage of being able to access National conferences, meetings, and webinars. Thank you to my Institute colleagues! "

Glen Anderson    
CPBI Manitoba Council Member      
Staff Officer & Department Head, Member Benefits, (Manitoba Teachers’ Society)

Glen Anderson


"I’m involved in CPBI because it provides quality professional development at a local level for people in the benefit and pension industry. These sessions are easily accessible (breakfast seminars, half and full day sessions) and are at a very reasonable cost. The support to the local chapter from the National Office with respect to accounting, legal and other considerations enables the local committee to focus on providing good sessions germane to our local conditions."   

Sharon L. Vogrinetz        
Past Chair, CPBI Northern Alberta Council          
Labour Consultant 


"I have been involved with CPBI Atlantic for many years and have enjoyed my time on the Council immensely.  The organization is nimble enough to adapt to the ever-changing landscape, and that flexibility has allowed us to create programming that is both challenging and interesting.  Working with my peers has been a joy, and I’m proud to have watched CPBI Atlantic become the premier organization for our industry in Atlantic Canada."

Jeff Alexander      
CPBI Atlantic Council Member        
Market Executive, Atlantic, Morneau Shepell


Gail Genest

"Networking with others has educated me on private and public sector pension plans and so much more.   Through CPBI, I see where Saskatchewan Pension Plan fits in the pension world and has allowed me to help others.  It has been a Win/Win! "

Gail Genest   
CPBI Saskatchewan Council
Manager of Business Development for Saskatchewan Pension Plan


" I joined CPBI Ontario Regional Council over 6 years ago with the original motivation to broaden my network and to seek educational content within the industry. Several years ago, I decided that I wanted to become more involved in helping provide the same opportunities to others across Ontario, especially in my home region of London, through Council membership. I also find the networking and professional development opportunities very valuable – they help me expand my circle and keep current!  ."

Ryan Gibbons        
Chair of CPBI’s London
Ontario Chapter Partner at Davis Martindale LLP

Ryan Gibbons


Ken Lieu

"I initially joined the CPBI over 10 years ago as I wanted to expand my network in the industry and meet new people.  Fast forward to today, what I get out of it is an opportunity to give back to our industry and ensure we continue to educate people on relevant topics in an ever-changing environment.  I feel privileged to work with a great group of people locally and nationally and enjoy the comradery we build together to make a difference! "

Ken Lieu     
National Representative of CPBI Pacific Region
Account Executive, Sun Solutions Group Benefit

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